Get to know Marron

This probably won't make much sense, being the ramblings of one obsessed female and all, but bear with me anyway. Okies? ^_^

Marron and Book First, the basic (very, very basic) rundown on Bakuretsu Hunter (The Sorcerer Hunters):

Life is hard on the Spooner Continent, where sorcerers have taken power and oppressed the non-magic-using residents of the land. A secret team, the Sorcerer Hunters, is formed to combat their tyrannic rule. They are: the way too horny Carrot Glaces; his younger brother Marron Glaces; the transforming sisters, Chocora and Tira Misu; and Gateau Mocha, the seemingly bisexual beefcake. They seek out sorcerers and destroy them, under the order of Big Mamu, in the hope that the continent will some day be freed from Zaha Torte's ancient evil magic.

You get the picture, anyway. If you want to know more about the TV series, OVAs or manga storylines, don't look at me. This is a Marron shrine, thank you very much.

Now, more about the man:
It may come as a shock to you that Marron is actually 16 years old. He carries himself in a very mature way, especially for his age; however, this calmness often comes under fire from the rest of the group (in their typical juvenile fashion). He has a strikingly beautiful face, easily drawing the (unwanted) attentions of Gateau; he happens to be the spitting image of his beautiful mother Apricot. Marron is a skilled user of Eastern Magic and uses ofuda (wards) -- spells on pieces of transforming paper -- to combat the magic of the sorcerers they encounter.
Although Carrot tends to try Marron's patience severely at times, Marron is fiercely protective of his older brother. Whenever Carrot is in danger, Marron fights so wildly to save him that it's nowhere near in character! Many of Marron's spells are fire spells that involve invoking Suzaku, the phoenix.

Well, if that didn't sell you on the guy, go look at the fan section for now or something. Join the legion that has discovered Marron Glaces. ^_^

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